Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Worldwide Installed Capacity of Wind Power To Blow Past Nuclear

Frequently, nuclear is held out as a carbon-free scalable technology, which it definitely is.  It may seem to some, however, that there is an implied differentiation that frequently accompanies these statements, implying that technologies such as wind and solar are not scalable, and hence less feasible when compared to nuclear.  Without getting into the details, I would like to share the following chart, which shows the global installed capacity of nuclear power and wind power.

What the chart shows, empirically, is that whether or not wind is scalable compared to nuclear, it will surpass nuclear as a major global power source, perhaps as soon as within the next two years.  Perhaps this implies that wind is a scalable power technology, although what is likely meant by scalable is very large central plants.  Being a distributed or diffuse power source does not seem to stand in the way of unprecedented growth of windpower.

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